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An inverter is an electrical component that changes DC (Direct Current) electricity into AC (Alternating Current) electricity. Why is this important?

Consider this:

  • Traditionally, a utility plant produced electricity in a remote location.
  • That electricity has to be transmitted long distances to get from the plant to your home.
  • The voltage of that electricity is extremely high and unsafe for general household use.
  • Thus, a transformer converts (“steps down”) high voltage electricity from power lines into safe,usable voltages suitable for a home’s wiring.
  • Transformers do not work with DC electricity. So buildings are constructed and wired to work on AC electricity vs. DC electricity.
  • Since solar, batteries and other “local” generators produce DC electricity, a device is needed to convert that DC electricity into AC electricity that your home or business is wired for.
  • Hence, the need for an inverter.

Below is a list of inverter manufacturers that produce a wide variety of inverters for various uses. For information on the various types of inverters, click here

Solar Inverter Manufacturers

Company Details

Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy’s PV Powered line of small commercial and residential gridtie inverters deliver technical innovation with high reliability. Founded in Bend, Oregon, in 2003, PV Powered was acquired in March 2010 by Advanced Energy, a global leader in thin-film utility scale manufacturing. Advanced Energy has been in business since 1981.


Established in 1986, COTEK Electronic is based in Taiwan and supplies quality DC/AC offgrid sinewave inverters for industrial, backup power, renewable energy and recreational applications. Cotek has grown leaps and bounds over the past 25 years and today it serves an ever-increasing global market.

Enphase Energy

The Enphase Micro-Inverter system is the world’s most technologically advanced inverter system for use with grid-tie, or utility-connected, solar electric systems.

Exel Tech

Exel Tech manufactures quality solar products including true sine wave inverters, rackmount systems, frequency converters, and dedicated software.


Headquartered in Pettenbach, Austria, Fronius has been a key manufacturer of photovoltaic electronics since 1992, particularly in the engineering and manufacturing of photovoltaic inverters for both grid-connected and independent power supplies.

Magnum Energy

When Xantrex bought Trace, a few of their key people started Magnum Energy. Established in 2002 in Everett, Washington, Magnum Energy went on to make great strides in the renewable energy field with their high-quality inverters.


Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters—with over 2 million units installed, in over 112 countries around the world.

Outback Power

Headquartered out of Arlington, Washington, OutBack Power was founded in 2001 by a small group of passionate engineers. Outback is a manufacturer of power centers, inverters, chargers, controls and installation hardware for renewable energy systems.

Power One

With its focus on Renewable Energy and “Green” power solutions, Power-One has recently established itself as the world’s second largest provider of solar inverters.

Xantrex Prosine

Xantrex power inverters provide you with reliable power safely and efficiently. PROsine 1000 & 1800 are pure sine wave inverters offering true sine wave output.

Schneider Electric

With options for grid-tied systems, off-grid systems and hybrid systems Schneider Electric provides the necessary components including charge controllers, inverters/chargers, off-grid inverters, solar disconnects, and monitoring solutions for your specific needs.

SMA Solar

Founded in 1981, SMA Solar Technologies is headquartered in Niestetal, Germany and has a worldwide presence in 15 different countries including the United States and Canada. SMA touts themselves as the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications. With a wide range of inverters, they have one for every module type and power class including grid-tied, offgrid, or backup applications.

Solar Edge
(Israel / Canada)

SolarEdge provides an end-to-end distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring solution, maximizing the power generation of residential, commercial and large-scale PV system installations by up to 25%, for a faster return on investment.

Solectria Renewables

Founded in 2005, Solectria Renewables develops and manufacturers quality grid-tied photovoltaic inverters, string combiners, and web based monitoring components for residential, commercial, and utility scale solar projects. Headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the company has quickly established itself as the leading U.S based PV inverter manufacturer.

Samlex America

Samlex America is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power conversion products to over 90 countries around the globe. Founded in 1991, SamlexAmerica operates factories and assembly facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Samlex offers inverters from 120 to 3,500 watts, along with a variety of battery chargers and communications converters.

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