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  • The Department of Energy has just released a new infogram about energy waste in the US. It traces conservation efforts back to the Better Building challenge that President Obama launched in 2011. 50% of America's energy is wrapped up in it's buildings. The DOE asks, "Are you up for the Better Buildings Challenge?"...Read more
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  • Construction of the world's largest single-axis tracking solar PV plants - the 206 MW Mount Signal Solar farm in south east California . has been completed and is ready to generate enough electricity to power 72,000 households in San Diego and surrounds....Read more
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  • The Energy Department today announced $10 million for six new research and development projects that will advance innovative concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. The projects will develop thermochemical energy storage systems to enable more efficient storage of solar energy...Read more
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  • The agency that operates the electrical power grid for most of California forecasted last week that the state was in good shape for the summer, even without the San Onofre nuclear power plant and with drought making significantly lower output from hydroelectric stations. This week seems to be underscoring that confidence....Read more
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  • PHOENIX, Arizona - As part of the Obama Administration.s efforts to build strong and prosperous tribal communities and the to cut carbon pollution and create clean energy jobs, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced the approval of the 200-megawatt Moapa Solar Energy Center Project...Read more
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  • Today, President Obama announced more than 300 private and public sector commitments to create jobs and cut carbon pollution by advancing solar deployment and energy efficiency. The commitments represent more than 850 megawatts of solar deployed - enough to power nearly 130,000 homes...Read more
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  • A new study looks at the benefits of double-purposing land for agave cultivation and solar panels. The advantages of this ingenious solution go beyond the usual benefits provided by agrivoltaics.As solar spreads around the country, siting can become an issue. Sometimes that's resolved by using already compromised land update solar_news set new_des...Read more
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  • The United States has long been known for building at a scale previously never achieved: Hoover Dam was the world.s largest dam when it was completed, Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) was the world.s tallest building for decades and the Library of Congress remains the largest library in the world....Read more
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  • The Loan Program Office.s (LPO) success rate is impressive by any standard. Given that it works with businesses that find it difficult to obtain bank loans, it is nothing short of phenomenal. Tesla, America.s rapid deployment of utilities scale PV solar and the first US produced battery packs are among the LPO.s success stories....Read more
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  • U.S. solar capacity increased significantly in the last 4 years. In 2010, the total solar capacity was 2,326 MW which accounted for a comparatively small fraction (0.22%) of the total U.S. electric generating. capacity. By February 2014, this capacity increased 418% to 12,057 MW, a 9,731 MW gain, and now accounts for almost 1.13% of total U.S. capa...Read more
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